Steven Soderbergh may have "retired" a few years ago, but the famed director of the Ocean's Eleven series and secret member of Weird Twitter (@BITCHUATION!!!) has been keeping quite busy. For one, he now has a Bolivian brandy under his belt named Singani 63 (who the fuck knew??), which was delivered to the Complex office early this morning. It's currently 11 a.m. as I write this; I'm a few sips in, sans breakfast in my system, and WHOO BOY it is coating my stomach in a funky way. It is, after all, 11 o'clock in the fucking morning.

The brandy package comes with a zine called Profiles in Pourage (a "never-asked-for series" in which Soderbergh "ambushes people who know a shit-ton more than he does about the spirit business") as well as this picture of him reimagined in Michelangelo's famous painting (with God handing him a bottle of Singani):

The Singani also comes with a ~very personal~ letter about why we should be drinking it, morning or work be damned. Best of all, Soderbergh, a shade queen of our time!!!, slyly ethers James Cameron: "So when history (aka me, Steven Soderbergh) writes the chapter of Singani 63 coming to these United States of America (and then the world!) how will your role be described? Visionary or scaredy-cat? Trendsetter or bench-sitter? Empire-builder or dream-killer? Totally up to you. But know this: when people go up against me they tend to be relegated to obscurity forever. Just look at James Cameron."


Bruhhhh. Cheers to that, ya nut.

Also look at this fucking ad, it's so on-brand(y):

Will you be copping a bottle of your own Soderbergh liquor? Below are some reviews from the slightly buzzed but totally trustworthy Complex staff:

"Like cough syrup but in a good way." – Ross Scarano

"Not that bad." – Andrew Gruttadaro

"It's a lot for 11 in the morning. It has a great aftertaste!" – Kerensa Cadenas

"That shit tastes like paint thinner." – khal

"A hell of a way to start the day, holy shit." – Justin Bolois

"I prefer rubbing alcohol." – Eric Eidelstein, our poor intern 

​"Bitchin'." – me