Like the X-Men, there are Latinos hiding among us. Comprising 17 percent of the population, people of Hispanic or Latino origin make up the largest minority in the United States.

Did you know Bruno Mars, Maxwell, and Neil deGrasse Tyson are all of Puerto Rican descent? Being a celebrity who is part-Latino is a superpower these days. Take New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, for instance; being one of only a few Latino stars in the NFL has helped him rake in millions in endorsement dollars.

In addition, many rappers have Latino roots, but they don't necessarily advertise them. Veterans and legends like AZ, Dres, Roxanne Shanté​, and the Madd Rapper all of have some Caribbean in them. Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, and Jim Jones are also part-Latino.

Check out these rappers you didn't know were Latino: