This morning the Hearst Corporation and Complex Media announced a new partnership, with Hearst investing $21 million to help one of the most successful "new media" digital companies (that would be us) get even bigger and better. Hearst has long been one of the largest and most diverse media companies on the planet, with holdings in cable TV (ESPN, A&E, Lifetime), print (Cosmo, Elle, Harpers Bazaar), and digital media (BuzzFeed, Vice, Awesomeness TV), and we couldn't be more thrilled to link up with an organization with Hearst's history. And clearly they're a little keen on us as well.

So what does this mean for you? That's easy: Everything you've come to love and expect from Complex, except more of it, executed at an even higher level. Clearly we're doing something right, but we've got plans to do even more. We didn't get here by playing passive, and we don't plan to start sitting on our hands now.

We appreciate you coming along for the ride all these years as we've made culture—your culture, our culture—pop since 2002. Watch what we do next. We think you'll like it.