If you can manage to get out of work and on the highway quickly, and your destination isn’t too far away, make Friday night your biggest party night. This is just simple logic. If you rage on the first day of your mini-vacation, then you’ll have more time to recover before Monday. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have fun on Saturday, but a Saturday night that ends on Sunday at 4 in the morning likely means that your recovery time is going to bleed in Monday morning. A Friday night that ends at 4 in the morning just means you might miss brunch.

Don’t ruin your night out by obsessing about work on Monday, but in the back of your mind, remember that on Sunday morning you’re going to have to haul yourself out of whatever gutter you fell into and put the pieces of your life back together.

Go big Friday, rally on Saturday, and then maybe you’ll get up when you need to on Sunday.