White people, amirite! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Christopher Columbus of Brooklyn, N.Y. A random passerby caught this very hostile and very white interaction on video, featuring one white bro screaming at another white bro about white privilege (hmm). Apparently the latter white man pushed his stroller (a sign of "white fucking privilege!") into the jogging man, who then got into a screaming fit about white people, white trash, white privilege, etc. 

Watch the clip above. Best part is when jogging white bro screams, "You're new in the neighborhood. I've been in this neighborhood. The only reason white people like you are living here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!" Whoa, crazy. The guy who founded Brooklyn is jogging around these parts!!! What a time to be alive. 

You may wonder, What is this man's motivation for such random aggression??? Perhaps these words may enlighten you: "I fight babies like you, BABY."