UPDATE 10/12/15: Lilith Ltd. announced today that they've canceled their Kickstarter campaign. Why? Because they signed a deal that will circumvent the need to crowdfund Allison Road by joining video game publisher Team17:

"Working with Team17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively, but at the same time will give us the resources, support and experience that only a 25 year old studio can give."

For anyone who'd already contributed money, don't fret; Lilith says that they "absolutely promise you that we will look at ways outside of Kickstarter that will allow you to be involved in the game at a later date."

See original story below.

Earlier this year, a playable demo for the next Silent Hill game entitled P.T. had the video gaming community going nuts. Based on the gameplay, it involved the character walking through a house that's creepy af, and changing on every pass through the home. As it changes, all kinds of insanity goes down, from bugs walking up and down walls to horrific women attacking you. Sadly, Konami not only pulled the demo from the PlayStation store, but they ended up canceling the game

Thankfully, another game, one that some feel is a "spiritual successor" to P.T., took its place.

Back in June, a 13-minute prototype for a game entitled Allison Road hit the Internet, while it played similar to P.T., this inhabited its own new world, and truth be told was more terrifying than P.T..

When it comes to gripping, captivating horror games, Allison Road might take the cake. First off, it's just beautiful. It's hyper-realistic, from the way shadows eerily hit the walls in a hallway to the way the covers sit crumpled on a bed. That gameplay is heightened by an eerie white noise that makes the squishy sounds of rain on the bottom of your feet sound realistic, as well as the hums of electronics and storms in the background.

Then the shit hits the fan.

The game's developer Chris Kesler started the project on its own, but based on the response from the masses, has decided to expand on the game, turning it into a bigger project with the creation of their new studio, Lilith Ltd.. That of course means that they'll need some cash–to the tune of $388,281 to be precise–to make this first person, next-gen survival horror game a reality. As of right now, their Kickstarter's already raised over $96,000, and still has 29 days to go (it looks like the earliest people would get the game is December 2016).

Are you trying to get scared shitless? Do you want to pay to get your scream on while helping back a game that is sure to freak out all of your gamer friends? Make Allison Road become a real thing.