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As Amazon edges closer to its 20th anniversary celebration in the form of Wednesday's Prime Day, a struggling rival has now instigated an all-out war. On Monday, Walmart announced plans for its own one-day-only brouhaha alongside some subtle shade. "The idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn't add up for us," says CEO Fernando Madeira, taking issue with Amazon's annual $99 charge for Prime services.

However, Walmart's confidence is not without its inconsistencies. Amazon's status as the proverbial king of digital retailers may have Walmart eyeing the throne — but this sudden attempt at a coup on Amazon's home turf (the internet at large) faces some steep obstacles. Not only does Prime Day promise "more deals than Black Friday," which sounds like some sort of challenge to duel in patriotic Jenga, the retail giant is also offering a quick $10,000 in gift cards to those shrewd enough to accurately capture what #PrimeLiving means to them.

Though Walmart is already offering free shipping on orders over $35 (down from the usual $50 minimum) ahead of its as-yet-unnamed sales event, odds still favor Amazon for a likely victory. The knock-out punch could very well be the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial that will give non-members the chance to take advantage of the ridiculous Prime Day savings. Mark July 15 down on your calendars and stay tuned as we continue to update you on killer deals as they pop up. Thank us later.