It’s almost universally acknowledged that one of the best things about summer is watching a movie outside. One of your favorite movies playing on a giant outdoor film projector, while you catch a nice summer breeze—it’s the perfect way to banish those icy winter memories. But if you really want to get the summer movie experience, go to one of the theaters that actually started the outdoor-screening trend: the drive-in. Whether you’re on a date, out with your family, or hanging with friends, going to the drive-in is an amazing way to spend a summer night. What’s not to like? You can choose your own seat, have as much room as you want, and, thanks to the magic of tuning into the drive-in radio station, you can also react to the movie as loudly as you want. (Plus, most drive-ins are way cheaper than regular movie theaters, so that’s not terrible, either.) Here are just a few of the country’s best drive-in options.