Former living action figure John Cena's transition into a comedic heavyweight is already yielding positive results, as the Amy Schumer-led Trainwreck is a certified critical and financial success. The seemingly unlikely presence of Cena in a Judd Apatow film is bolstered by one particularly hilarious scene in which Cena attempts to engage in so-called "dirty talk" with Schumer, only to have said talk devolve into a laughable workout narrative.

According to Schumer in a recent interview on Australia's The Project, that rather climactic sequence might have contained far more elements of reality than you imagined. "He was actually inside me," Schumer reveals during the on-air interview alongside co-star Bill Hader. "Apparently, wrestlers — they're not faking." Hader, surely not (ever!) joking, supports Schumer's claim. "He didn't understand the whole acting thing," adds Hader. "It was his first sex scene."

Trainwreck is currently riding quite high indeed with a Rotten Tomatoes average of 85%, a sizeable $37 million box office haul (as of Tuesday), and a triumphantly funny performance from LeBron James that may have helped secure his recent deal with Warner Bros.