Kim Kardashian is a very good wife. She does all sorts of things for her husband Kanye West—like proudly standing behind him while he rants about Beck to Ryan Seacrest on live TV—and yesterday, on his 38th birthday, she rented out the fucking Staples Center ("Ain't that where the Heat play?" No Kanye, it's where the Lakers and Clippers play.) so he and his friends could play basketball! That's pretty legendary.

Kim learned from the best. After all, her husband is the guy who rented out AT&T Park, a professional baseball stadium, and stocked it with a Lana Del Rey-playing orchestra for a marriage proposal. But there's another predecessor to Kim's arena-renting extravaganza: Mr. Longfellow Deeds, played by Adam Sandler in the 2002 rom-com, Mr. Deeds

As you may recall—and if you don't, go watch Mr. Deeds, it's on Netflix and it's low-key Sandler's best movie—Deeds rents out Madison Square Garden to propose to his girlfriend (played by Winona Ryder). It's romantic until something very bad happens that makes it not so romantic, but the thought was definitely there. So who pulled it off better? Was it the OG arena-renter, or the best wife in the game? Let's go to the tale of the tape.