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As The Avengers: Age of Ultron continues to make devastatingly large amounts of money at a theater near you, the gears on the Marvel machine are moving faster than ever — with a prolific output to prove it. Just last month, principal photography for Captain America: Civil War began in Fayette County, Georgia under the direction of Joe & Anthony Russo. Simultaneously, press commitments have allowed for some fascinating if not confusing overlap with promotion and anticipation — only worsened (improved?) by incisive questions from spoiler-seeking journalists. managed to pull some truly revealing quotes out of Marvel Studios lord Kevin Feige, particularly surrounding the continued journey of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Interviewer Jerome Maida makes note of Stark's on-again/off-again relationship with his Iron Man identity, specifically pointing out Age of Ultron's lack of explanation regarding Stark's seemingly renewed willingness to suit up following Iron Man 3's hint of finality.


"There will be storytelling about that [in future films], as a matter of fact," Feige said. "In terms of Tony's . . . journey, the fact that he's having a hard time putting down the suit will come into play."

Elsewhere, Feige gets a bit more specific regarding Stark's future.

"Iron Man is still funding a lot of the Avengers' activities," said Feige, "but will stop flying around in the suit."

Lest we speculate on top of speculation, Captain America: Civil War could prove an interesting paycheck for proud indie-hater Robert Downey Jr.