Jason Segel's portrayal of David Foster Wallace has been surrounded by Oscar speculation since The End of the Tour premiered at Sundance. The general public hasn't seen a single second of the buzzworthy role, but that changes today with the film's first trailer. As we can finally see, Segel totally nails it, capturing Wallace's contrarian humility and desire to be an everyman despite his literary fame. 

The film is about Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky's (Jesse Eisenberg) time with Wallace at the end of his Infinite Jest tour. Lipsky never ended up publishing his profile for the Stone, but he released the book Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace two years after the author's suicide. 

Look out for The End of the Tour in theaters July 31. And because it's graduation season, you may as well take this as an opportunity to watch/rewatch Wallace's "This Is Water" commencement speech.