Chipotle burrito is a filling meal that comes wrapped in a tortilla or served in a bowl for like, seven dollars. The Apple Watch is kind of ugly and can cost several hundred, if not thousands of dollars. Both products sound like they'd appeal to fundamentally different consumers—but for those who like to enjoy both luxurious wearable tech products and delicious burritos, there's the new Chipotle app for the Apple Watch. 

The app works like this: there's a Burrito Button (of course there is), you press it, place your order at a nearby Chipotle location, and then a countdown appears letting you know how long it'll be until your order is confirmed and ready for pick-up. That way, you can skip the line, and you don't even have to pretend to be pregnant to do it. 

But if it's your first time ordering Chipotle online? Then you have to go on a computer or a smartphone to do it, but once your order and payment options are saved, you can use the Apple Watch app to order. 

(via Mashable)