Tyler James Williams' casting in January for the Criminal Minds spinoff tipped off The Walking Dead fans that Noah's death was imminent. Now another bit of news from the real world has us worried about the future of fan favorite Daryl Dixon. 

Norman Reedus is selling his Atlanta home, causing speculation that his character will be killed off from the show in this Sunday's season finale. We're being pulled two different ways, though, because Reedus has already been announced as a guest for this week's Talking Dead. Were he to die, announcing his appearance on The Walking Dead​'s post-game show would make it too obvious. Also making us lean towards Daryl surviving is the report that fans have discovered where Reedus lives. It's very well possible that he's moving for the sake of privacy and not because he knows he's out of a job. 

We'll figure out Daryl's fate this Sunday night. And until then we'll try not to be driven mad by the possibilities. 

[via Uproxx​]