A man was arrested last night after hurling a banana peel on stage while Dave Chappelle was performing in Santa Fe.

According to KOB4, Chappelle spotted a man making illustrations during the show, then asked for his name because he liked the drawings. The man's friend jokingly told Chappelle that his name was "Johnny Appleseed." Chappelle's subsequent jokes apparently didn't sit well with the man, who's real name is Christian Englander

The friend of the man who was sketching – identified as Christian Englander – said the jokes were racist, according to Dobyns, and eventually threw the banana peel at Chappelle, which hit him in the leg.

Englander started to run from the theater but was escorted out by security before being taken to jail.

Englander and his accomplice, who Santa Fe police say were clearly drunk, were collared soon after. Englander copped to throwing the banana peel and was detained on battery and disorderly conduct charges without bond into this morning. What's more, KOB4 reports that Chappelle was fine with pressing charges because Englander showed no remorse, and because he believes the banana-throwing was a "racially-motivated" act.

Advice: Don't get too drunk at shows, and don't mess with comics. You'll either get arrested or fried by then, and sometimes both.

[via KOB4]