Sunday’s Oscars were emotional, to say the least, from heartwrenching speeches to the always sad in memoriam. Most people overlooked a heartbreaking Oscar moment that rivaled seeing Michael "Birdman" Keaton put away his acceptance speechBradley Cooper’s Oscar loss. Yes, some were sad to see Michael Keaton fail to win big as the comeback kid, but what about B. Coops?! Reddit user Andrew Bloom made a strong case for why Cooper shouldn't have been snubbed. Bloom notes that Cooper portrayed a character that wasn't what "the snobs in Hollywood typically care for—it didn’t fit the traditional “Best Actor” mold." We'd have to agree. 

So why award Cooper? Bloom continued, "...his sensitive portrayal of the scars his character endured—both physical and emotional—brought an unexpected pathos to a character who could otherwise have easily just been a cartoon character." 

Read the full post below and see if you agree.


[via Buzzfeed]