Former Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" anchor, cast member and writer Norm Macdonald just told a mind-blowing SNL 40 story via Twitter that explains why Eddie Murphy's appearance on the 40th anniversary special was so chill (read: not funny). 

Murphy was supposed to do something much, much better. Something we'd probably still be talking about when SNL's 80th anniversary special rolls around. But let's let Norm tell the story himself.

Note: What follows is an edited version of Macdonald's SNL 40 story that focuses on Eddie Murphy. If you want to read the Macdonald's entire epic tale of what it's like to go back to historic studio 8H, his deep thoughts on writing "Celebrity Jeopardy," how he made up with Lorne Michaels and his extreme admiration for Mike Myers, Bill Murray and Paul McCartney, check out his Twitter. It's highly recommended.