Saturday Night Live will air its 40th Anniversary show this weekend, and The Hollywood Reporter has been meeting up with select cast and crew members to reminisce about such burning questions as "whose idea was the "Dick in a Box" song?" And why do Ben Affleck's ideas always get rejected?

Those are good pieces on paper. But if you get Bill Hader and Dana Carvey together, we need video. Carvey turns Hader into a giggling wreck when he tries out an impersonation of The Beatles talking about Kanye West (you know, the guy that discovered unknown artist, Paul McCartney) in the video above.

But THR also has a longer video of the duo—interviewing each other—on their website. It appears that these guys were a little elevated for the shoot, and for the sake of Saturday's big show, we're just lucky that Hader didn't fall off while laughing so hard about Dana's "Funny Little Poopy" pitch to Lorne Michaels (below). 

[via The Hollywood Reporter]