Country star Blake Shelton took the helm of Saturday Night Live for the first time last night and pulled off the rare double-duty of also serving as musical guest for the night (putting him in the company of Justin Bieber, J-LoMick Jagger and Justin Timberlake). It's a little surprising it took this long, considering Shelton has always been the funniest person on The Voicewhich happens to be on the same network.

But before Shelton could do his thing, you SNL had to go in on the Patriots for deflate-gate (or ball-ghazi, depending on your preference)... 


Dougie Spoons (Bobby Moynihan), aka the true mastermind behind the New England Patriots, just lost his shit A Few Good Men-style. 

Here are the best sketches from the rest of the night:


Michael Che's old high-school friend Riblet and his pigtails got the night off from working "horrrd" at Friendly's to prove that the Weekend Update anchor job is pretty easy. Did we mention that Bobby Moynihan killed it during this episode. 


Should anyone named "The Texas Man-Gobbler" ever get out of prison? Turns out the old Shawshank technique doesn't work on the parole board when you just ate a guy. 


Why is everyone having sex with Blake Shelton's sister?! This one's worth it just for Leslie Jones shouting "I do not like this."


Blake Shelton interrupts a magic show to demand indestructible bones, guns for hands and chicken nuggets with ranch dressing, and one very important superpower.