The Denver woman who attempted to travel to Syria to aid ISIS earlier this year was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday, officials say. 

The Associated Press reports that Shannon Conley, 19, explained that she didn't learn about the horrible actions of extremists until she began practicing Islam: 

I am glad I have learned of their true identity here and not on the front lines, said Conley, whose black and tan headscarf clashed against her striped jail uniform. I disavow these radical views I've come to know and I now believe in the true Islam in which peace is encouraged.

According to the Associated Press, Conley was arrested in April after boarding a plane. She reportedly told federal agents that she planned join a man she met on the Internet in fighting with extremists, or assisting in some other capacity. In September, Conley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Despite her tearful admission, U.S. District Judge Raymond P. Moore remained unsure that Conley's position had changed. "I don't know what has been crystalized in your mind," he said, according to the Associated Press. 

In addition to the four-year prison term, Conley was also sentenced to three years of supervision following her release and 100 hours of community service. What's more, she was banned from having the black powder used in explosives in her possession.

[via Associated Press]