Jennifer Lopez walked People magazine through a "typical" day (yeah right) for Jenny from the Block. She wakes up early, sends the kids to school, works out, meditates and goes to meetings. She also tries to eat dinner every night with her six-year-old twins, Max and Emme. You're most likely thinking, aww, that's nice—it's probably hard for someone with that many responsibilities to get some down time with her kids. But that's not why she does it.

"I read somewhere that if you have dinner with your kids, they're less likely to do drugs!" she exclaimed. People throw that tidbit around all the time, but we're pretty sure it's not the actual dinner that keeps them drug-free. It's, you know, a strong home life, good parental relationships and all that.

She also does her makeup in the car "to save time." Stars, they're just like us! Except are sitting in the backseat of a black car whilst a professional applies the makeup. Whatever, same thing.

[via People]