Shockingly, it looks like North Korea’s threats of violence against the U.S. if theaters showed The Interview were completely unfounded.

Opening in about 300 theaters across the country today, the controversial film has sold out pretty much every single screen on which it’s scheduled. “All of our Thursday shows are sold out and the weekend sales look really strong too,” said Alamo Drafthouse chief brand officer Christian Parkes. The Texas-based chain has 19 theaters across the state.

He added that “It’s selling as well as any movie ever has, and it’s not just us. Sales have been terrific at all of the Arthouse Coalition theaters.”

While numbers are not yet out on the downloads that began yesterday, it seems like the surge of nationalism surrounding the movie is going to translate to strong box office numbers. And how fitting that a movie celebrating America would reap the benefits of capitalism.


[via The Wrap]