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One would think that not every redemption story gets a reality TV show. But at this point, it feels like we’re kind of getting to that stage where there’s really no boundary we won’t cross in the name of cheap programming.

A&E has officially approved 8 Minutes, a reality show with a simple premise: police officer-turned-pastor Kevin Brown arranges a meeting with an escort, then has precisely eight minutes to convince them to leave their life of sin. Basically, it’s like an even more uncomfortable version of Intervention.

Apparently, Brown’s church has already been performing these “stings” for the past year, and now they’re just throwing a camera in there. They stick to an eight minute limit, because that’s how long it would take before the pimp would come looking for the escort. Seriously.

Executive producer Tom Forman says that Brown’s success rate is about 50-50, and the show will be about “the intersection of drama and transformation and faith.”

“And hookers,” he should have added, but didn't.


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