Most first dates are awkward, anxiety inducing, and mediocre at best. Definitely not what rom coms are made of, and yet, the story of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s first date is about to be documented in a movie. But hold on, this is the Obamas. One of the coolest first couples ever. Take Michelle’s “Mom-Dancing” with Jimmy Fallon, the POTUS' funny appearance on Between Two Ferns, and what will surely make for good TV, an appearance on The Colbert Report

The movie, Southside with You, will follow the story of a then Michelle Robinson agreeing to go on a date with Barack Obama, an associate at a Chicago law firm at the time, as they tour Chicago’s South Side making stops including the Chicago Art Institute and at the movies for Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

Southside is expected to start shooting next summer. 

[via EW]