Daniel Craig isn't giving up the 007 mantle anytime soon — the just-announced Spectre featured in the Sony hacks — but Amy Pascal already has the next James Bond in mind. Idris Elba's named has been floating around for a while; he is dashing, talented, British and looks great in a tux, after all (also: that maybe-bulge). The latest leak from the trove of Sony emails reveals Pascal thinks Elba (LutherThe WireThe Office) should be Bond. 

Craig has a contract for one more film after Spectre, so it would be several years at the very least before the possibility of Elba as Bond. Jamie Foxx has said Elba would be perfect as Bond, and the actor himself said he'd definitely take the role. In an email earlier this year, Pascal told former Columbia Pictures executive vice president Elizabeth Cantillion, "Idris should be the next [B]ond."

[via the Daily Beast]