It seems like every day, more women are coming forward with detailed accounts of sexual assaults suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby. The latest is Carla Ferrigno—wife of the original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno—who told LA’s John and Ken Show that in 1967 Cosby approached her at a party and tried to kiss her when Ferrigno was just a teenager.

“I feel so bad for these women. I was the lucky one,” Ferrigno said. “I mean ‘lucky’ in that he didn't harm me. It harmed me emotionally all my life but he didn't physically harm me.”

Meanwhile, Raven Symone has seen her name come up given that she initially rose to fame alongside Cosby on The Cosby Show. She took to Instagram to emphatically deny that anything happened between Cosby and her:

Well, at least Cosby drew the line somewhere?

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