Kylie Jenner, young Kardashian sister, arts and crafts-based cult fan, and serial car crasher, is being sued along with her mother Kris Jenner over the first of her two luxury SUV crashes, TMZ reports

Kylie, you may remember, was only days out from her 16th birthday in 2013 when she was in a three-car pileup in the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon she was gifted for said birthday, although the car was technically owned by Kris. 

TMZ got a hold of the lawsuit, which claims Kylie was a negligent driver when she caused the crash by rear-ending a Toyota, which in turn crashed into a Subaru. 

Exactly why the woman is suing now is open to speculation, so go ahead and speculate why someone might want to sue a pair of famous and wealthy reality TV stars (speculate away).

[Via New York Post]