Horrible Bosses 2 star and occasional commencement speaker Charlie Day is a man of many talents, but apparently those talents don’t win him female admirers at quite the same rate as his next door neighbor, Zac Efron. Efron’s heartthrob status is apparently at such a level that many female admirers post up outside his front gate, leaving love notes and hoping that perhaps Efron will read it and take a liking to them.

The only problem? Many of their letters are being read by the King of the Rats.

Last night on Conan, Day revealed that fans often mistake his gate for Efron’s which as a result leads to them leaving their crazy notes, poems, and letters in front of his house. But don’t worry; Charlie keeps them all, and is building a shrine to Efron in his house.

Phew. You probably thought for a second that this might get weird.


[via UPROXX]