Anderson Cooper may be the silver-haired angel of CNN, but he isn't immune to workplace drama. Fed up with the pungent smell of his basil-scented candle, Cooper's coworkers decided to call him out. They didn't do so with a passive aggressive note like most coworkers would. They went all out and made Cooper son himself on national television. 

The staff of Anderson Cooper 360° pranked the face of the show by making "The Ridiculist" segment about him. Cooper didn't realize he was talking about himself until 15 seconds in, when he recognized his office and the offending candle. He immediately gets defensive but still had to read his staff's thoughts on the smell emanating from his office. Some of the comparisons included:

  • Woodstock vomit
  • Garden gnome's underwear drawer
  • Dumpster ravioli
  • Mario Batali's Crocs
  • ​Brothel in Tuscany

We also learned that Cooper is a fan of raw denim. He says he only bought the candle after being told his unwashed jeans stunk. 

This whole thing could have been averted had Cooper picked a normal candle. What's wrong with summer breeze, vanilla, or the scent I'm rocking with while writing this, fresh cotton?