When one thinks of soccer video games, the FIFA EA Sports series is probably going to be the first one to come to mind. There are plenty of other games out there, though, and there's one in particular that does things that FIFA simply cannot. The game is called Football Manager, and if you like soccer at all, then you are absolutely going to love this game.

Already immensely popular in Europe, Football Manager basically takes all of the managerial and tactical features of FIFA and makes them better, offering a level of detail unmatched in any other game. Football Manager’s central idea is a simple one: What would happen if you took control of any club team in the world and shaped them however you saw fit?

The level of detail and thought put into answering that question is unlike any other game in the world. You don't just have access to the 18-man match day roster of your favorite team; indeed, you control not just the senior team players, but everybody in the youth system as well. From the best player to the very worst, the roster is made up entirely of real, breathing people who have been evaluated and assigned attribute ratings based on how they perform in real life. There's no other game in the world that allows you to simultaneously control the destiny of the senior team while also signing real life 14 and 15-year-old youth players to be your next big star.

We got an advanced look at the new version of Football Manager, which will be released today. It's a must-have for even a casual soccer fan, and there's no doubt that as soon as you start playing you will quickly find yourself addicted. Here are 10 Reasons You Will Get Hooked on Football Manager.

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