Sometimes, it’s really hard to tell where Ron Swanson ends and Nick Offerman begins. The comedian—whose beloved Parks and Recreation character shares many similar life philosophies to the man himself—appeared on Conan last night to discuss and promote his “Full Bush” comedy tour.

In addition to its two other meanings (going into something full steam without thinking it through a la George Bush, and being prepared to survive out in the wild), Offerman explained that the tour’s name also refers to the notion that he believes one should always sport a “proud, bristling, shining pubic thicket.”

Saying that the practice of manscaping is “an abomination of the English language,” Offerman advocated a very different set of grooming standards. He insists that we should “maintain a swampy atmosphere that’s just short of growing fungus” and that it “should be giving off a hot musk you can almost taste.”

Gross. But if Ron Swanson says it, it must be true.

[via UPROXX]