Dax Shepard has a real complex about the amount of hair in his butt crack. Good thing Kristen Bell is probably the nicest person alive, and arguably the greatest wife of all-time.

Last night on Conan, Shepard discussed how even though he was to take part in a pivotal nude scene in This Is Where I Leave You, he had deep insecurities about the way his butt looked. His distaste for the amount of hair in the crack region led him to beg his wife Bell to take a pair of hair clippers and boldly explore the deepest, darkest crevices of their marriage so that his posterior could be camera-ready.

Because she is too nice for her own good, Bell somehow agreed. Only, while she did it, she also apparently hummed “Funkytown” to herself. Because naturally, there’s nothing more funky than your husband’s butt crack.

On a side note, it’s important to watch Andy Richter throughout this segment. Yes, he’s very funny, but his mannerisms and one-liners suggest something deeper is going on here; it seems almost a 100 percent certainty that he has encountered this very same situation before.

OK, now that you have the image of Richter getting his butt shaved in your head, you’re ready to go enjoy the rest of your day.


[via Vulture]