Fireball Whisky, that syrupy booze that is often present at sports bars and frat houses the world over, has been pulled from the shelves of three European countries. The reason behind the recall? The liquor contains unsafe amounts of propylene glycol, more commonly known as one of the key ingredients of anti-freeze...for your car.
Norway, Finland, and Sweden have pulled the booze from stores for containing, what they deem, an excess of the chemical. Here in North America, propylene glycol is often added to enhance flavor and absorb excess water in food products. The European Union, weirdly enough, has different trade regulations from the US and is keen on making sure their citizens aren't imbibing a chemical that can have toxic effects. 
Americans don't have anything to worry about though. Sazerac, the New Orleans beverage company that owns Fireball, claims that it uses only 1/8 the amount of propylene glycol approved for human consumption by the FDA. So, feel free to drink it responsibly, or as responsibly as you can drink booze that shares an active ingredient with anti-freeze.