That Amanda Bynes sure loves to dance.

In surveillance footage obtained by TMZ, the troubled star danced around clothing store Pookie & Sebastian, exploring the space with an eclectic array of arm and hip movements as she (sort of) looked at clothes. She did take a brief break, though, to feel up a man who was reportedly her driver. Or maybe she was just taking his jacket measurements? (Hopefully her poor 19-year-old fiancee didn't see this.)

In any case, Bynes also had to be reminded that she needed to pay for a shirt she wanted, and in perhaps the biggest shocker of all, she actually did. She clearly learned her lesson, though, because just an hour later she tried to play it cool and walk right out of Barney’s with a $200 hat.

While this footage is troubling as it relates to Bynes’ recovery from a host of substance abuse issues, there’s at least one bit of good news: she might have a spot waiting for her on Dancing with the Stars.


[via Mirror]