There’s something particularly fascinating about seeing a creature in its natural state. The “drunk white guy” is one such animal, a fascinating mix of awkwardness and belligerence that is nearly impossible to replicate anywhere else.

Never has the natural order been more upheld than in the above video. As the submissive male staggers down the sidewalk unsuccessfully attempting to "pull the trigger" after what must have been a spirited night out on the town, the Alpha Puker rolls up and shows the weaker male the proper way to drunkenly vomit in the street.

Further asserting his dominance, Alpha Puker yells the following at this humbled, subjugated male:

“What the fuck are you recording me for cocksucker? Yeah that's right I'm not gonna throw up anymore. Got any beer? Fuck you!”

From beginning to end, a true display of the laws of nature at their finest.

[via YouTube]