A Robin Williams fan and Miiverse user going simply as "Craig" has created a beautiful tribute to the beloved actor and comedian who died last month. 

The black and white portrait was reportedly created on a Nintendo WiiU GamePad with the game Art Academy: Sketchpad, which if you're unfamiliar, would be a painstaking process. WiiU Daily reports that the picture took 13 hours of work. 

It was posted with the caption "To live . . . to live will be an awfully big adventure," a quote from Williams' film Hook.

Williams was known as an avid gamer, who named his daughter Zelda after The Legend Of Zelda franchise. After his death, more than 100,000 people petitioned Nintendo to name a character after Williams in a future game. 

Williams and his daughter even appeared in a Nintendo commercial together, which appears to be the inspiration for the tribute. 


It's not the only video game tribute to Williams since his death. World of Warcraft plans to incorporate him as a character in the online multiplayer game as well. 

[Via WiiU Daily]