You’ve probably been there, trying to rush out the door to meet someone only to find that your iPhone is sitting on 11 percent battery. Basically, you have 10 minutes to get yourself enough juice to last for the entire night, but you fear that you don’t have nearly enough time.

While the battery life in the iPhone 6 is much-improved compared to previous models, it’s a mortal lock that at some point you’re going to run into this problem. If you use the standard issue iPhone charger, the phone’s bigger battery will take longer to charge and cause you a whole bunch of stress.

However, there is a different, better route to a quick charge.

As it turns out, the iPad charger is the same exact size as the regular iPhone charger, but has twice the wattage. Yes, that means that if you use the official $19 Apple iPad charger, your phone will charge twice as fast. For an iPhone 6 Plus, that means you go from totally dead to 100 percent charged in two hours. For a standard iPhone 6, it’s even less.

That, right there, is $19 well spent.


[via DailyDot]