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One homeless guy in NYC is looking for a bed and breakfast, and it very well might be your bed and your breakfast.

Meet 26-year-old Joe, originally from Boston, who currently preys on women seduces women into taking him home at night so he can sleep on a bed instead of on some cardboard on a sidewalk.

This self-proclaimed “Cardboard All-Star” told Elite Daily, who followed this Joe Schmo for a week, that his stay at any one girl’s place depends on “how good a pipe he lays.” 

Joe became homeless once his mom kicked him out because of his drugs, and now when he isn’t busy trying to figure out his next lay he panhandles, making upwards of $150 a day.

But Joe isn't living the American dream. He makes that clear at the end of the video when he advises people to not be like him. 


[via Gothamist]