He used to see dead people. Now, it looks like all Haley Joel Osment sees is McDonald’s.

The adorable little boy from The Sixth Sense has been replaced by a paunchy Nazi on the set of Osment’s new film Yoga Hosers, and the photos are jarring to say the very least:

The content of the movie is even more shocking, as the 26-year-old will be playing a supporting role as a Holocaust-glorifying Nazi in this Kevin Smith-directed film. Johnny Depp, his daughter Lily-Rose, and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn are slated to co-star.

While it’s been almost 15 years since Osment’s Sixth Sense Oscar nomination, he had a nice little movie run before he took a break to do normal kid things like “go to school” and “make friends.” Now back in the acting mainstream, it looks like he is really looking to challenge his previous image as someone who had a shred of humanity.

[via Daily Mail]