Dwayne Johnson literally hasn't stopped talking about his role in Shazam, an upcoming DC superhero movie, for the past two months. He thought he was teasing, but he was doing it with, well, the subtlety of a rock. Even still, the movie and Johnson's role wasn't officially confirmed until today.

Darren Lemke (TurboLost) has signed on to write the superhero script with Johnson attached, Variety reports. Johnson will play Black Adam, who is actually a bit of an anti-hero in the comic's story.

Since clearly no one is more excited about this than The Rock, he confirmed the casting himself this morning by tweeting: 

The above photo is appropriate, because that's basically how cartoonishly swole Johnson is IRL.

With The Rock taking the role of Black Adam, that leaves an open slot for the titular character Shazam, a.k.a. Billy Batson. So, who's gonna be the dude to be overshadowed by The Rock in this movie? Any takers?

[via Variety]