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Remember the stunning headshot of Chris Pratt that he tweeted out a couple weeks ago? It’s not going away any time soon.

Appearing on The Tonight Show last night, the actor was asked about the famous photo’s origins by host Jimmy Fallon, and at last provided some context as to how this wondrous portrait came to be.

The story is about as comedically weird as you would expect from Pratt, and involves meeting a stranger in the post office, showering in the stranger’s apartment, and wearing the stranger’s clothes. In most situations, this would be a wildly dangerous and ill-advised move that (at best) would not get you anything. In Pratt’s world, however, decisions like this lead to a big break and becoming an actual working actor.

Obviously, the lesson here is: “whenever a stranger invites you to his apartment so he can photograph you, definitely go.”

[via Vulture]