St. Louis police have released cell phone video of their officers shooting Kajieme Powell, the 25-year-old man who was killed Tuesday only four miles from where police shot and killed Michael Brown in nearby suburb of Ferguson 10 days earlier. 

A business owner called police on Tuesday saying Powell had stolen drinks and a pastry from his convenience store, according to a 911 call that police also released.

Police said Powell pulled out a knife and was acting erratically when the officers arrived and told the officers "shoot me now," according to St. Louis TV news station KMOV. Those details appear to be confirmed by the video. 

The video does not completely match up with the police department's initial account, though. 

In a statement to the media on Tuesday, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the officers shot Powell when he came within four feet of them, and that Powell was holding the knife with an "overhand grip." In the video, Powell seems to have his hands down and appears to be farther away when the cops open fire. 

[Via Huffington Post]