According to multiple reports (including one from the group themselves), the Sunni jihadists of ISIS have executed American journalist James Wright Foley, posting a video of an apparent beheading online today. Foley had gone missing in Syria in November of 2012, and was killed by ISIS in retaliation for the recent American air strikes on ISIS forces in Iraq.

Politico’s Blake Hounshell was one of the first to report the news, and indicates that the violence may not be over:

ISIS has become a legitimately dangerous force in Iraq, displacing millions from their homes and threatening the government of a region that the United States fought for the better part of a decade to try to establish. After the execution of an innocent American, many will be expecting President Obama to retaliate with a strong response.

Out of respect for Foley and his family, we are not posting the video or any images from the video.

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