All actors want to be musicians—it's a known fact. That's why you see Bruce Willis carrying a harmonica around with him everywhere (because that's rock and roll!), and why 30 Seconds To Mars is a thing we have to deal with. But now that a new generation is ruling Hollywood, the rule is: All actors want to rap. 

There's little girls like Selena Gomez trying to flex like Nicki MinajIdris Elba trying to get in touch with his Wire roots, and most recently, Chris Pratt proving he's a bro for all seasons by laying down Eminem's verse from "Forgot About Dre."

In an era where no one's more loved than Drake and more respected than Kanye West, it's not hard to understand the magnetic thespian attraction to hip hop (somewhere in America, Helen Mirren's still twerking). But as you'll see, pretty much everyone should stick to their day jobs.

Andrew Gruttadaro is the Complex Pop Culture news editor. He tweets here, and no, he cannot freestyle