Woody Allen has worked with many great actors over the course of his 44-films-long career. For instance, his newest film, Magic in the Moonlight, which hits theaters in limited release today, features Emma Stone and Colin Firth

But there are still a few people the director wants to capture on film, and some are probably more likely to happen than others. 

Allen gave a rare intereview to RogerEbert.com where he discussed his dream cast: 

"Usually, I don’t think of performers. I think of the script only, and whatever performer is right for it—whether they’re famous, or I’ve worked with them before—that’s who I want to cast. But if you were to ask me, just as an exercise, there are people out there [who] I’ve admired. I’ve never worked with, and I’m sure I’ll never get a chance to work with Jack Nicholson. I always wanted to work with Reese Witherspoon. She’s a wonderful comedienne. Maybe some day I’ll have something for her. She’s a wonderful actress.

"I wouldn’t mind working with this young girl who works in David O. Russell’s pictures, Jennifer Lawrence. I think I could probably do something with her–or she would do something with me, is really what the story would be. I would gain more than she would gain…because when you work with these wonderful actors or actresses, they give you far more than you can. I can only supply them with the part, but you hire a Cate Blanchett, and she brings the part alive. If you hire a lesser actress, the part remains written the same way, but it never gets off the ground the same way."

Maybe he can direct a sequel to this video of Nicholson hitting on Lawrence after the Oscars. 

[Via The Film Stage]