After giving us our first look at Batman in mid-May, director Zack Snyder has revealed what Superman (Henry Cavill) will look like in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

As you can see, not much has changed in the way of costume. This makes sense, considering that Snyder directed Man of Steel and no serious complaints were issued about how Cavill looked. What has changed, though, is the overall tone.

The image has its colors subdued or muted entirely, and obviously it is pouring rain as well (although Cavill’s hair still looks perfect). As a USA Today story indicates, “The debuting heroes Superman meets will affect his perspective on Earth and on the ones he loves, and Snyder feels his convictions will be drawn into question as well.” Inner conflict and anguish? Moral ambiguity? Sounds a lot like Batman. Maybe these two will be able to get along after all.

And honestly, it’s hard to tell whether the look on Cavill’s face is anger, confusion, or if he’s just sucking in his stomach really hard to fit into his suit.

[via UPROXX]