American Gods fans can officially rejoice. Starz has announced that, yes, there will finally be a show based on Neil Gaiman's beloved novel, and, best of all, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller will act as show-runnerThis development comes after HBO passed on the project; granted, HBO has its fair share of hits, but this is a definite victory for Starz.

Fuller will be run the show alongside former Michael Green. Though the show may not actually be out for a while, fans should start getting excited now. According to a press release from the Starz Network, managing director Carmi Zlotnik says, “American Gods is a project that deserves to be made... With our partners at FremantleMedia and with Bryan, Michael and Neil, we believe we can create a series that honors the book and does right by the fans and viewers.”

When HBO was on-board, the show's budget was reportedly $35-$40 million budget per season. Game of Thrones, by comparison, costs around $60-$70 million per season, but, still, $35-$40 isn't exactly chump change.

American Gods revolves around an upcoming war between the traditional gods of biblical and mythological backgrounds and the new gods, which depict society’s need for money, technology, media, celebrity, and drugs. The heart of the show will focus on Shadow Moon, an ex-convict who joins forces with a conman traveling partner to gather forces in preparation for battle.

[via Collider]