Scott Derrickson has had a busy couple of years. Becoming a reputable name for scaring the bejeezus out of people, Derrickson has put out some of the top films in the genre since the mid-2000s. Each film tops the next, which is why we’re very eager and excited for his next thriller, Deliver Us From Evil, in theaters tomorrow, July 2. Deliver Us From Evil follows NYPD sergeant  Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) as he dives into the depths of evil, solving crimes of a demonic nature. The part that makes us really interested? It is based on a true story, and the real Ralph Sarchie.

While we wait to see his story unfold on the big screen this Wednesday, we wanted to breakdown Derrickson’s most jaw-dropping moments from his previous films.

Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

Nails On The Wall: When Emily starts scratching the wall to the point it leaves marks, we know she has lost any sense of pain and what she is doing to her body. Complete self-destruction begins as she collapses into a demonic state.

Speaking Tongues: This has been a staple in Exorcism movies for quite some time, and it never ceases to scare. When Emily starts doing it, with such conviction and evil behind it, it is definitely worthy of the arm hairs standing up.

Contortion: This film helped pave the way for how disturbingly sick contortion can be. When Emily does it, the sound effects alone can make anyone cringe.

Sinister (2012)

8mm Reels: There’s too many scenes to count, so we’re lumping this in as any footage related to the 8mm reels, all of which are equally face-whitening. The stand out is the family hanging from a tree…an image that put this movie on the map.

Bughuul Realization: When Ellison (Ethan Hawke) first realizes he sees something in the footage, it is basically time to grab your diaper. This “boogie man,” who we later find out is a soul-devouring demon of children called Bughuul, continues to scare the piss out of you throughout the whole movie. He weaves in and out of both the 8mm footage and the actual film, his corpse-like face haunting the audience ever-so gently the entire time.

The Move: Naturally, as most intelligent humans would do, Ellison and his family get the $@&% out of dodge and move homes to avoid Bughuul and the general evil of their house. New digs, no probs. Wrong. Somehow, even after Ellison lights them on fire, the 8mm reels find their way into the new home. When Ellison sees this, we basically know we’re in for 15 more minutes of torturous, horrific glory. And the final act is not one to miss.

That is a list many horror directors cannot top. Scott Derrickson has definitely made a name for himself in this regard, and if the above is any inclination of how scary Deliver Us From Evil will be, then please, deliver us to the theater tomorrow!