Philosophy is a famously dense subject to attempt to unpack. All these ideas about reality and truth and perception: most people don't know where to begin with them. Cognizant of this gap, the team behind "8-Bit Philosophy" has found a way to make the ideas of Plato, Sartre, and others completely digestible and attainable for all. Best of all, they've dressed these ideas up in a bright, fan-friendly format: old school video games like The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and Contra. 

The first video in the series, released April 27, deals with Plato's ideas on reality. The latest tackles Kierkegaard's meditations on subjective truths. It may sound overly academic, but if you give one of these videos a chance, you'll find yourself quickly hooked. The videos only run about three or four minutes long, each one providing a brief primer for you to get interested in these philosophers and explore their ideas in greater detail. Head over to the Thug Notes channel to view the rest of the series.

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