The 2014 Emmy nominations proved to audiences, yet again, why award shows are unreliable when it comes to spotting true talent and quality, with a laundry list of snubs. Our hope is that Jill Solloway's promising Transparent doesn't get snubbed next year.

Today a release date for the promising show was announced at the Television Critics Association tour. The show, picked up by Amazon Studios, will release its 10 half-hour episodes all at once late in September. 

The show, created, directed, and written by Jill Soloway of Six Feet Under fame, and last year's wonderful film Afternoon Delight, revolves around Mort, a father who is beginning to transition into a woman named Maura. He must then not only deal with his own identity but also with the task of explaining it to his adult children. 

Transparent will be available on Amazon Instant and will star Jeffrey Tambor as Mort, as well as Gabby Hoffman, Jay Duplass, and Amy Landecker.

[via Huffington Post]